GFX50R + GF63: First portrait, and it is all good...

Although I have not had much time to play thoroughly with the Fujifilm GFX50R yet, I was able to take a few decent snapshots this past weekend. Overall, the IQ is quite superb, color tonality is no less from what I expected (i.e., excellent overall), and the handling is becoming more and more familiar as time goes. It requires more steady hands, but it is relatively easy to get a sharp shot handheld with the camera (as long as you are being careful with the minimum shutter speed, I would personally not go slower than 1/(2-times-the-focal-lenght)).

Here is one of my first portrait taken with GFX50R with the GF63 lens under some bright light conditions and warm tones. For this shot, the face/eye detection was turned on, and it worked well (check the 100% crop below).

Model: K., GFX50R - 63 mm - f/4.5 - 1/2000s - ISO 100 (click to enlarge)

100% crop (click to enlarge)