Blue (2019): a visual story captured with Fujifilm GFX50R with plenty of details

I took last Tuesday (February 5th) off, and it was a great day wandering around a relatively empty Washington DC. It was in the mid sixties*, beautiful sunny day filled with love and emotions.

* Almost 20 deg C, sorry to say it, but as a scientist, the Fahrenheit temperature scale should be banished ;-)

I always tried to wander around the White House area as it is mostly always a little paradise for street photography. That day, there was a small East Turkestan protest that was happening, and I took a series of photos with the GFX and mostly the GF63. For street photography, the GFX is more than adequate, it does the job, and pretty darn well, even though this requires some adjustments coming from smaller formats. Autofocus is snappy but no speed demon compared to my Canon 5DIV, and please make sure to get enough shutter speed (at least 1/125 s with the GF63 to maximize the IQ), on a good sunny day, it should be relatively problem free.

The photography below is entitled Blue, and it is one of the photos that I like from the series. The image was processed via C1 using mostly defaults values with some addtinional tweaks of my own. It took quite a bit of attempts to get that shot right, the flag flapping while capturing the protest was a bit of a challenge, and it required patience.

If you want to get a 100% crop (not the whole photograph tough), you can find it here: link

Blue (2019) - GFX50R, GF63, f/5.6, 1/640s, ISO 100

100% crop, enjoy all those little details