Roll #2 Kodak Portra 400 - Minolta X570

Published Apr 12, 2018 | Maxime Siegler


Some frames from Roll #2.   I am getting slowly used to the scanning and conversion processes from negative to .tif files even though it takes a significant amount of time.  Colors from Portra 400 are indeed very pleasant to look at. 

I am now considering either the Canon EOS 3 or 1V (analog cameras) with Auto Focus (AF) capabilities.  Those are indeed workhorses cameras and state of the art.  Oh yes, I do like big cameras ;-)

A Young Protester | Frame 2

My Friend Kristy (another photographer) | Frame 3

A Mother is Listening (converted to B&W, I could not resist!) | Frame 4

A Beautiful Day to Change the World | Frame 7

Homeless on U street | Frame 23

Profile | Frame 31

Kat and the Cherry Blossoms I | Frame 32

Kat and the Cherry Blossoms II | Frame 34

Late Afternoon at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial | Frame 35

Kat at the WWII Memorial | Frame 36